We never just walk. We are always thinking about where we are going next and what we are going to say and this can make us feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed. If we can cultivate presence and non-reactivity in our daily activities and learn to cultivate joy from doing so then we are already a step ahead when it comes to finding our happiness in all areas of life. 

Why do we practice walking meditation in the first place?

Sometimes in the west we tend to think of meditation as having little relevance to our everyday lives but this couldn’t be further from the truth and learning walking meditation shows just how paramount it is from day to day and from minute to minute. It shows us that if we can cultivate an awareness to be present even when we are doing mundane and menial tasks, and if we can more importantly cultivate joy from doing so, then we are already a step ahead when it comes to finding our happiness in all areas of life.

We are so accustomed to rushing through the shops, running from the train to the bus, or walking aimlessly from work to the car that walking mindfully is a big hit to the system. Concentrating on each step, keeping the mind focused and not worrying about the destination or the time is something so simple in principle but so difficult in reality. This is because we have years and years of built up habit energy and it is a struggle changing these old habits. The mind just wanders constantly as we have little awareness of our bodies, instead we choose to become a prisoner to our thoughts and running minds.   

When you can walk and just walk it is a liberating experience and because it is such a common thread in society there is no reason why walking can’t be a vital tool in bringing each of us some peace of mind in this hectic and fast paced world. Imagine if you can find peace and quiet every time you walk - your days will be filled with great happiness, no matter where you are.

It is paramount that we develop the tools necessary to allow ourselves to better manage our thoughts and feelings, because we all have times when we are overwhelmed and feel under great pressure. If our minds are constantly wandering not only do we lose touch with reality but we lose energy fighting the constant bombardment of noise, this leads to negativity and a killing of our zest, passion, drive and positivity. By learning how to calm our mind and our bodies we find a tool that we can use through any storm or crisis, this can help restore perspective so we make decisions that are closer to are true self and not out of confusion and dispersion.