(The Kids of Mumbai and The Kids of The Kimberley) 

The Kids of Bogota lets children in disadvantaged areas be creative and curious and illustrate inspirational stories to be published as children's books for sale all over the world.

It is a unique and innovative initiative designed with four distinct outcomes in mind;

1. Provide funds to better educate children through access to better resources.

2. Create a platform for children to be creative, curious and innovative and see their work published all over the world. (With their names and faces on the book) 

3. Teach English, literacy and communication skills in a fun and dynamic way that promotes lifelong learning. (Education is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty) 

4. Provide funds to better educate children through access to international teachers. (New experiences and new perspectives) 


  • 99% of students enrolled in Bogota's government schools are from low-income backgrounds.
  • Prospects for education after high school are limited for youth from low-income backgrounds growing up in Bogota. 
  • Many students do not see higher education in Bogota as even an option, many leave school early to work low-level jobs.  
  • These statistics are consistent in disadvantaged areas throughout the world.
  • A huge issue is student disengagement and the problem of disengagement is far worse in disadvantaged areas - students fall behind and simply never catch up, ever. 
  • We change this scenario and we most certainly change the lives of these kids - and then we re-shape the world.   


  • Children get to see their names printed on the covers showing them how easy it is to create their own projects and see that dreams are actually attainable.  
  • Demonstrates to children that it is a big world full of wonderful opportunities and this is reinforced by international teachers with worldly backgrounds.  
  • Gives children the knowledge of the process involved in creating products and services.
  • Royalties, and donations, go back to giving these same kids, and other kids, better resources like better books, materials and better teachers.
  • Encourages creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship in young children which is powerful as they grow and develop.   

These benefits complement the already engaging topics of the first book The Big Wide World which teaches children about this big beautiful world and the bewildering pallet of possibility within it, whilst encouraging thought and discussion.

We envision this same book The Big Wide World re-created by The Kids of Mumbai and The Kids of The Kimberley (an indigenous community in Western Australia) to create a vibrant platform where children all over the world read stories directly from other children all over the world, see their faces and names printed in the books, see how they interpret and perceive things differently and create opportunities for collaboration, support, connection, trust and unity.  

This is an initiative we plan to re-create with other provocative stories about the world, nutrition, the environment, happiness, health, love and empathy in other disadvantaged communities throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America and Australia. 


You can read more about the inspiration behind The Kids of Bogota, you can donate to The Kids of Bogota below or you can find out more information by contacting us at