The Anthony Pollaers Rowan Scholarship is named in honour of Anthony Pollaers Rowan, a truly inspiring young man who suffers from a rare and severe type of Myoclonus Dystonia.

We couldn't think of a better person to honour with such a prestigious scholarship program than Anthony. Despite the many challenges he has endured with his condition, which affects everything from his speech to his movement, a full hip replacement before the age of 25, years of intense bullying, isolation, anxiety and depression, Anthony's courage, motivation and passion continually shines through.

This scholarship is built on all the things that make Anthony inspiring;

  • Passion - Despite facing monumental obstacles Anthony is studying music with his dream to work in production in the U.S.A.
  • Commitment - Anthony jumps on the train and bus every day for over 2 hours so he can study and reach his dreams. His condition makes it difficult to walk far distances and simply get around easily, but this doesn't stop him.
  • Resilience - It has been almost impossible for Anthony to get a job because "when I go to give my resume the first thing the employer sees is my disability and they go off that and don’t even talk to me or give me a chance." To persist beyond this and the years of bullying and isolation is a testament to the character of Anthony.
  • Character - Any person that is driven to make themselves the best they can be is to be respected and congratulated. Anthony is the epitome of character and integrity.

The Anthony Pollaers Rowan Scholarship is open to anyone who faces hardship and illustrates the same passion, commitment, resilience and character that Anthony displays in their pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. The scholarship endeavours to provide financial support and mentoring support so recipients can study and then work in the field of their dreams.

To find out more about Anthony check out a recent interview, to support future recipients of the scholarship you can donate below or for more information you can email