Steve Mitchell


Entrepreneur, Social
Founder and Director of Enjoy
Health and Fitness, Calliste,
Xcode Life Sciences and GeneFit.
University of Sydney; B.A.
Political Economy/International

Entrepreneur, thinker and philanthropist. Steve experienced success early on in one of his first business ventures and enjoyed the results - fast cars, nice houses, girls and money, lots of it.

For a moment he was happy, but it soon wore off. He had done what was expected of him, and more, but wasn't fulfilled or truly free despite all of his achievements.

He found himself continuing to search for his happiness in these same external things, over and over, but the same thing eventuated - he felt unfulfilled.

He thought deeply about what was missing, and saw similarities in his peers, and The Happiness Compass was born. 

“I think success might be one of the most overused and misunderstood words in the western world. We would have a far better understanding if we changed the word success for happiness, because when you get ‘success’ will it make you happier? Are we chasing money, fame, power, ego, success, or are we chasing happiness, freedom, fulfilment and the feeling of being content?”
— Steve Mitchell