Steve Macdonald


Finance & Investment Professional,
Mentor, Investor, Entrepreneur.
Partner at Lotus Impact, Head of
Investment at Evermore Money
Management, CFO at Abyss
Solutions, Treasurer at The Bob
Brown Foundation.
Macquarie University; Master of
Applied Finance, Bachelor of

Entrepreneur, investor and finance guy.

He has looked for connection and meaning – happiness – in work, in others, in ideas and been disappointed. He saw that in the world around us, despite advancing technology and scientific understanding, and rising wealth, we have not become more contented, fulfilled, or happy.

He decided that rather than pursuing things that he hoped would make him contented and happy, he and his peers needed the skills and the tools for happiness - The Happiness Compass.

Steve believes we have the potential to be greater, freer, more fulfilled, and happier than we imagine or allow ourselves to be.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”
— Leo Tolstoy