Evan Sutter

Our co-founder and CEO Evan Sutter, author, writer, social entrepreneur, traveller, has forged a reputation as an engaging and thought provoking speaker in fields related to happiness, meaning, fulfilment, addiction, social consumption and positivity. Evan addresses global audiences of all backgrounds at conferences, corporate offices, summits, schools, panels and other events.

Key conferences include Happiness and its Causes, the world's largest conference on happiness and wellbeing, and The Sydney Writers Festival. Evan will be speaking at Happiness Journey in Dubai and the 29th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Mindfulness & Psychotherapy conference in New York City. Evan has featured on ABC National's God Forbid and a range of popular podcasts.

What's The Secret To Happiness?: ABC Radio National's God Forbid with James Carleton. 

Escaping the Pleasure Trap: Ignite Your Legend with Kyle Scully. 

GK & F: Episode 13 with Evan Sutter

Talks and presentation topics and styles can be customized.

To schedule a talk email evan@thehappinesscompass.life