1. Five Minute "How Are You" Writing Meditation - How Are You?

We leave our emotions and feelings unattended and those feelings that aren't positive get stronger and stronger and simply become a well-engrained habit. We need to sit with ourselves, free from distractions, for just a few minutes each day to ask us how we are going. We throw "how are you" out to everyone around us but we never actually truly answer it for ourselves. By opening up this conversation we can see if certain things are weighing us down, if certain times, places and people are affecting us more than we know.  It doesn't matter if you aren't a good writer, just write how you feel - simple.

  • Sit down somewhere quiet with a pen and paper or a computer.
  • Write/type the question "how are you?"
  • Spend 5 minutes writing down everything that comes to mind about how you really are.
  • Don't make any judgements - just write and get to know what you are really feeling and thinking deep down.  

2. Q & A - Our First Stop For Advice

Have a question? Instead of grabbing the phone and calling a friend or typing it into Google, just sit with the question for a little while and ask yourself the question. Most of the time you will be surprised that you already know the answer; we just tend to ask someone else more out of habit or fear of giving ourselves an honest answer.

  • Pretend you're in the middle of the forest with no one around with no phone service - who are you going to ask then? There is only you! 
  • The more we make this a habit in our everyday lives the better we will be because you're the only one who is always going to be there.
  • Ask yourself a question, something that has been playing on your mind. Just sit, be patient, and don't run away from it. 

3. Stop - Do Nothing

It is important that we spend time by ourselves every single day with no motive, no agendas, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Why? We rush so much that we never actually just feel how we feel. We need more time without our phones and without distractions, these times are important for us to simply be comfortable with ourselves and not always have to run away from ourselves and cover up our fears or boredom in something else. Be bored tonight and don't race to cover that feeling up, just observe it and see how you really feel. Once you see that boredom isn't that bad you're one step closer to a stronger relationship with yourself.

  • Spend some time each day whether it be 5 minutes or longer and just do nothing.
  • Just sit under a tree, sit on your lounge room floor, go for a walk to nowhere in particular, sit on your kitchen bench. Just breathe and feel. 

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