The "Head Back To The Tap" Initiative 

Australians spend over $500 million on bottled water each year. Approximately 52 million litres of oil is used in Australia each year to produce PET plastic for water bottles. Bottled water production makes 600 times more CO2 than tap water, creates more than 60,000 tons of greenhouses gases and one bottle of water has the same impact on our environment as driving a car 1km. Bottled water generates an enormous amount of waste that is ending up in landfill and our environment every single day. 

The best thing to do is to avoid bottled water and head back to the tap. Buy and carry your own reusable bottle and simply refill it, save money, reduce plastic waste and help reduce oil consumption.

We are petitioning local councils to install water fountains and filling stations and educating Australians under our new "Head Back To The Tap" initiative to allow people to easily refill reusable bottles and stop the destruction that bottled water is causing. 

Want to get involved and help your community? Join us!

There is a drastic need for re-education and a directed push away from plastic bottles and back to the tap. We need to educate children to carry a bottle and create the habit of simply re-filling. This means advocating for more water filling stations through local government and creating positive campaigns that forge change and transformation.