Evan Sutter


Author, Speaker, Social
Entrepreneur and Activist.
Author of two nonfiction books
on happiness and life. Speaker at
the World’s largest conference
on happiness and wellbeing.
University of Western Sydney;
B.A Business (Marketing). 

You could say that Evan's defining moment was visiting his monk brother at his home in a Monastery in the South of France. Living in a small rundown hut with no electricity it forced him to examine a life that he had rarely even contemplated. He saw how his relationship with drugs, alcohol, sex, desire, cravings, technology, ego, status, competition and society in general had him stuck in a pleasure trap that was a never ending circle of chronic destruction. 

His eyes were opened, his heart softened and his mind liberated. 

When he got home he realised where he had gone so wrong and saw the same issues causing problems all around him. He knew that there was a need for change. He wrote a book he titled 'Solitude: How Doing Nothing Can Change the World' and continued to question all matters of his own life. He wondered what it meant to live a good life? What is happiness? What is success? Why are we here? He started asking what he could do to make a difference? What he could do to challenge established ways of life?  

The Happiness Compass was born. 

“We have a poor connection with ourselves because our whole lives we have been looking outward; we are a society bent on distraction, and the modern world is only amplifying this”
— Evan Sutter | Solitude: How Doing Nothing Can Change the World