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  • Bondi Beach Australia (map)

Come and join us at Bondi Beach (south end on the sand, near the rocks, at the bottom of the grass hill) and learn the art of walking meditation.  

We never just walk. We are always thinking about where we are going next and what we are going to say and this can make us feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed. If we can cultivate presence and non-reactivity in our daily activities and learn to cultivate joy from doing so then we are already a step ahead when it comes to finding our happiness in all areas of life. 

When we learn to be aware of our feet touching the sand, we become open to everything around us, to our environment and our friends. When we foster a little bit more awareness of our wandering minds we become less stuck in worry and fear and we bring more joy to the simple things. Something so simple like walking can bring so much happiness and can be a great tool to bring us back to the present moment. 

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