I heard a story the other day while listening to plants 'sing' (more about that later). It was about an ex-CIA operative that decided to test a lie-detector on a plant in order to determine whether it 'communicated' by a vibration of stress response. So, the man attached the paraphernalia to the plant, lit a match & held it under one of its leaves. To his surprise, the needle went mental, BUT, not when he held the match under the leaf, NO, the plant started generating a stress response as the man was lighting the match with the INTENTION of harming the plant. Seemingly, we communicate our thoughts and feelings without action to those who are able to 'listen'.

During a linked conversation with my pal and yoga instructor, Laura Gonzales (@thenbe), in which we discussed the interconnectivity of all things & how important it is to surround yourself with well-intentioned, positive people, I likened our connectivity to pixels in an image - or trees in a forest - the far right connected to the far left because each pixel in between is in contact with each other, & each important in making the whole.
In other words - your tribe is your vibe, & vice versa.

So, I set the intention of being a supportive, positive, motivated, energetic, passionate pixel to make inspiring imagery with all those I come in contact with directly, & indirectly by those who come into contact with somebody or something I've touched & changed - by land on an adventure, by flow in the ocean or in the mountains, or by hand as we lead each other through this journey of life.

I hope that in doing so, I become closer to hearing the 'songs' I'm meant to hear & write the words I was meant to write.
Time will tell...

Lots of love to you all for 2018, I hope the trees are singing for you... Are they?


Simon Williams is a Sydney based film-maker, writer and musician that creates under the moniker of The Stampede Trail. We are very happy to have him on board as part of The Free-Thinkers at The Happiness Compass. His short -film Breathless was visually stunning and recently received International recognition. You can check out more of Simon's work at www.thestampedetrail.com