Have you ever stopped to notice the way a flower opens itself to the sun? How trees angle their growth in the direction of the greatest source of life for this planet?

I’m surprised we haven’t embraced solar energy and developed it with the same determination as we have with computers. It will be the cause and effect of our destruction. No doubt about it.

Look around you – the sun was the cause and effect of it all. The concrete, the oceans, the trees, the air we breathe – the Sun is both the mother and the father of everything. Something this powerful should be worshiped… I believe in a more enlightened time, it was.

To create something monumental in our lives is our goal. It is why we embark on adventure, take on projects of a great nature, why we sing, dance, speak, build, procreate – but not one of us can come close to creating ‘nature’ (of which we are the sons and daughters of).

Therefore, it is important to emulate the greatest methods for creating life if we wish to create something great with our lives. So, what does the Sun do?

1. It is consistent. It rises out of a seeming slumber every day, no matter the weather and offers itself fully.

2. It is energetic… and allows others to feed and grow by being in its presence.

3. It never stops giving.

4. It does not ask for anything in return; however, keeps itself open to witness all that it has created.

The one thing we have that our creator does not is the ability to feel what we have created; or, perhaps, it does and that is why it is so warm all the time – that it feels the beauty it has created like charitable donations or paying it forward. If the universe is built on opposites then the Sun giving means that it must be able to receive.

Perhaps, the fuel we receive is the reciprocation of the beauty of the solar system that revolves around it. Romantic, I know, but perhaps when nature no longer exists neither will the Sun. That it will have died from the sadness we created by not returning the same beauty of gratitude that the Sun offered in us, in nature.

It is a star, remember, a big ball of energy, and when there is no energy left to give…

5. It is fueled by that which it encounters.

If we model our lives on our creator, we may indeed create something monumental – a life you can be proud of when you walk into the sunset.
— Simon Williams

Simon Williams is a Sydney based film-maker, writer and musician that creates under the moniker of The Stampede Trail. We are very happy to have him on board as part of The Free-Thinkers at The Happiness Compass. His short -film Breathless was visually stunning and recently received International recognition. You can check out more of Simon's work at