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Meet Lizbeth Pal; Freelance Strategist, Writer, Presenter and Free-Thinker. 

Tell us your story and your inspiration for creating this?

In 2015, I met a guy who had an online Google Adwords business. He would spend Australian Summers in Bondi and come Winter, be on the next flight out to Bali or Thailand. I wanted that too! At the time, I was working at a marketing agency as a strategist. But I knew I wanted to dip into digital nomad life. So after a year of building a small client base online, I was able to take a 6 month sabbatical around Asia and Israel.

However, I quickly realised being a full-time digital nomad wasn’t for me. I LOVED the freedom but I craved social stimulation. Working from the beach with a margarita and laptop does sound like the dream lifestyle… but after 4 months my brain was beginning to feel like putty and I was sick of living out of the same suitcase. Even though it was starting to lose its novelty, it was the BEST 6 months of my life!

Today, I’m finding a balance of both. I call myself a part-time digital nomad and fulltime strategist. I write for my blog Runaway Strategist, freelance at different agencies and take mini 4 day retreats every now and then. But at the core of what I do, I’m aiming to hack millennial life. I want to encourage other millennials to design the life they want, not to just follow suit of society’s expectations.

How are you challenging established ways of thinking?

I used to think I wanted to be a hot shot New York Marketing Director. But I also want to travel more, work for myself, have a family and take holidays without asking permission from a boss! Today, you can have so many different passions and streams of income. You don’t have to be locked into one job.

I’m not going to claim I’ve got all the answers. Although I think I’m challenging status quo through my work/ life balance. I’m designing my own career so I can live the life I want today, not just in 40 years time.

The traditional trajectory of school, work, marriage, kids and retirement isn’t the only path. At the risk of sounding lofty, we can have anything we want right now. It just a matter of extremely hard work, prioritisation and a healthy mindset.  

People think ‘I need to have a business/ high flying career to be rich.’ But you really just need entrepreneurial skills. Money won’t make you happy, experiences do. If you’ve got an opportunist outlook, you can unlock so many exciting experiences in this world. From business, relationships to sneaking into the presidential suite at the Australian Open (ha!), your outlook and decisions determine what you get out of in life.  

How can we all improve the lives of others in meaningful ways? How do you think we all can create a positive and lasting legacy?

We all have an intrinsic desire to feel important, some people act out by bringing others down and some like to genuinely add value or positivity to other people’s lives. I think we can do better at the latter. There’s a small difference in being a passive friend or a friend who ‘hugs your soul’ per se. I’m not saying go and write a poem or some shit, but you can definitely add a little bit of empathy and sunshine to their day.

I always (morbidly) think, if I died today, did I leave everyone I spoke to on a happier note? What will they remember me for? Every conversation you have has a ripple effect, so make every interaction count!

What is some advice for people looking to live with purpose?

I think people can get overwhelmed with the word purpose. But when you think about it, purpose is just living with intention and impact. Why are you doing something and how are you making a difference?

For me, I’m finding purpose through my blog and helping small businesses with their marketing strategy. Helping them focus on their passions and providing my expertise to help their business grow. But it’s also the little things like smiling, taking coffee meetings that aren’t necessarily going to amount in paid work or sending my parents, aunt or friends across the globe a random message.

I love this quote from Tony Robbins, ‘trade your expectations for appreciation and you’ll have a whole new life.’

Who inspires you?

My dad!!! He embodies the person I want to be. Anyone who meets him always leaves with a little bit more laughter, love and wisdom. He is my absolute hero! 

Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes, Marie Forelo, Gary Vaynerchuk, Debbie Millman, Mark Cuban. These people didn’t give a fuck about what people thought when they were challenging established ways of thinking… and look who has the last laugh now?! Their businesses are thriving, they’re giving back to their community, inspiring change and building a legacy they couldn’t have imagined at my age (26). Life isn’t about instant gratification, it’s about the long game!

You can connect with Liz at Runaway Strategist

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