Creative, Social and Community Education; Breaking The Cycle of Poverty  

Empowering Students in Columbia, and the world, with the skills to be healthy and happy

Prospects for education after high school are limited for youth from low-income backgrounds growing up in Bogota, and for youth in disadvantaged areas throughout the world. 99% of students enrolled in Bogota's government schools are from low-income backgrounds. So the youth leave school early to work low-level jobs and lack the crucial skills to enjoy happy and healthy lives. They don't learn English, literacy and communication skills in a fun and dynamic way that promotes lifelong learning - and education is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty.

So what are we doing to try and break the grip of poverty in regions like this around the world? We can donate money to give them more books and new school uniforms but does that really make any long-term change? This doesn't just automatically engage the students to want to learn and develop and students merely become ghosts at school floating through without ever truly grasping the amazing benefits that could change the direction of their entire lives. This is even more the case in disadvantaged areas where education becomes absolutely crucial to breaking this constant cycle of poverty.

We need to find ways that go far beyond traditional methods of education and we need to engage the students in ways that cultivate learning and self-development. Born from the students own desires and not pushed upon them from teachers and a system that they can sometimes struggle to relate to.

We need to harness kids natural curiosities in a way that sparks their creativity and interest in life. That is why we have created "The Kids of Bogota". We are giving these children the chance to be creative and curious (both powerful tools for personal development, happiness and success) and illustrate inspirational stories to be published as children's books for sale all over the world. All the sales then go back to give these kids better resources like better books, materials and more international teachers.

The student's illustrations will produce more than books; it will produce opportunities. Opportunities for children to be creative and curious and see their work published all over the world (with their names and faces on the book). Opportunities for a better education through access to better resources and more international teachers. Opportunities to learn English, literacy and communication skills in a fun and dynamic way that promotes lifelong learning. Opportunities to increase self worth and identity. Opportunities to be future creators and re-shape their lives. Opportunities to re-create this initiative in other disadvantaged communities throughout the world and build a vibrant platform for collaboration, connection, trust and unity.  

We are launching a crowd funding campaign to make this initiative a reality, to help transform the way we educate children in disadvantaged communities and really break the stranglehold poverty has in these areas. A crowd funding to design, format, edit, print, distribute and promote an initial run of 1000 books (and hopefully a lot more), establish this initiative in other parts of the world, starting in India with The Kids of Mumbai and in an Indigenous community in Australia with The Kids of The Kimberley, and build an agile framework for creative and interactive education world-wide.  We've got some awesome perks for those who help us raise the funds.  

It's simple - buy a book, start a movement, and change a life.  

You have the choice to buy a children's book for your son or daughter, niece or nephew or friend's child from your normal bookstore where the money goes to an established author. Or you can choose to buy an inspiring book that goes directly to breaking the cycle of poverty and changing the world - it's your call (a very simple one really).

Find out more HERE and stay tuned for the launch coming up very soon.