Look around the world today and it is easy to see a kind of chronic unhappiness that is spreading like wildfire. The cities are a back drop to people planted in their phones, planted in over-thinking and over-worry, riddled with stress and sickness. Trapped by pleasure, by busyness, by a lack of contemplation and self-examination. We are day-dreamers, but only now we don't have dreams. We've given them up so we can join the queue of those living in quiet desperation. People are sicker than ever, mentally and physically, the planet is sicker than ever, and yet we continue marching along to the beat of the same drum.

If you want to tear yourself away from this constant merry-go-round of pleasure seeking, superficiality, this circle of destruction, of bad health, chronic unhappiness and a lack of fulfilment and freedom, then please read on...


If you want to be happy - throw away the T.V. This thing is never going to give you anything but suffering. The plethora of programs merely become a distraction from our real lives. Nothing, I mean nothing, great is going to grow here. Negativity will. So will fear. Distraction. Insanity is a chance too. You might get a chance to be manipulated by billion dollar industries and they might even tell you dairy is good for you. Rich in Calcium they'll say. Chances are there will be absolutely nothing that will promote your physical or mental health but only destroy it, piece by piece, commercial by commercial and news program by news program. Say goodbye to being a free-thinker, say adios to original ideas. Television is the playground of the dull. Television is the port for broken ships with broken dreams. If you haven't thrown away your television yet - which you probably won't - because what will you do then? Only turn it on for a good film or documentary. And if you're happy to continue this legacy of modern day depression - then by all means let your children watch it too..


If we can't move away from our houses surrounded by more houses, surrounded by shops and passageways for cars only, then we should at least move our bodies. Move them every day. What a picture of health we've become. We have nice cars though and big houses - that no one sees. This kind of modern day slavery, controlled largely by those big boxes in point 1, has seen us become the unhealthiest epoch in history. If you don't move you will die - and it won't be the kind of sweet death with your family around as your eye lid slowly pulls shut for the last time - it's going to be painful, years and years of sickness in and out of hospital. Not to mention the years and years of life you missed out on because you simply couldn't enjoy anything.


If the thing you spend the bulk of your time doing every week is something you don't particularly like then you are already probably sick. You will need some interests - and lots of them. The Television doesn't count. There is literally an unbelievable, almost endless, pallet of possibility out there, but you won't find it on the T.V and certainly won't hear about it there either. If you lose your job just fall back onto 25 interests and healthy things you love doing. Your girlfriend leaves you, and it's inevitable she will in one form or the other, there's only 25 other things that you love right there in every moment. 


If you look at your phone every time you're bored you're never going to stop being bored. If you look down when you're lonely, you are going to be lonely forever. No happiness is found here when we use our phones as a tool for everything in our lives. Healthy relationships, healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy attitudes, healthy interests and passions - they don't exist here. Forget it on purpose. Leave it at home. Drop it and break it. Just don't rely on it for your entertainment and happiness - because you'll find neither.


Think before you eat - will this make me better, healthier, happier? Think before you act - will this make me better, healthier, happier? If it is not a yes then why are you doing it? We throw anything in our bodies because we watch too much TV and we are at the mercy of the big dollar industries. We see a commercial for beef and we think we need more protein to be healthy not realising that its literally killing us and the planet - literally. We need to be true free-thinkers if we are going to be truly happy. Letting someone else decide the trajectory of your life is a terrible tragedy.


We worry about what we throw into our bodies but we never worry about what we throw into our minds. We are cluttered, confused, stressed, dispersed and we just keep filling our minds up again and again. We keep on putting more rubbish in a bin that is overflowing - so that when we walk we trip over again and again.  You have a nice ship but the captain's sick and you're going to crash sooner or later.