This morning I believe I felt the most important word in the English language.

All too often we are striving for something. The very thought of that word brings sweat to my brow. We are often fighting for something, or someone – battered, bruised, for one never escapes a fight without scar tissue, be it physically or mentally. We long, or dream, for something better than we currently have. Hope? No – it’s a distaste, even slightly, for the meal we are currently eating because if it wasn’t we would be living the dream, right? Do not get me wrong dreams are important, goals are necessary, hope is beautiful and love is required, however an imbalance is not.

Now, you may be thinking that word he mentioned I know it – it’s balance. You would be close but more like a backing vocal than the lead singer.

We can all attest, even if it takes a moment to remember, that when life has been at its most beautiful, its most natural and most wonderful there has been an enveloping feeling of flow to it (that is not the word); where the breeze is a companion as you stroll the city streets on the way to work rather than a gale that is ruining your ‘good hair day’. Sounds are welcomed, they are not noise, and the colours of life seem to fall on the taste of your pallet. Time seems to slow down or the clock you sync your life to becomes, for the time being, irrelevant. You are simply ‘living’ because that feels like that’s how you should be spending your moments. Like great poetry, or music, you and life just work.

Why? I am yet to discover the formula for that but I do know that it always involves nature, and animals, and the warmth of the sun or the calm of the moon. In these moments we are closer to discovering our individual and collective purpose of ‘why we are here’. To dream while you’re awake­, one you never want to be disturbed from. Perhaps, this is where the sperm of inspiration lay loaded and ready to be ignited into the egg of the mind, because I have felt this ignition – creative inspiration at its ultimate strength - only a few exciting times before, and yesterday I began a new creative endeavour.

I used to live by six virtues – passion, adventure, empathy, support, believe, create. However, as of today, I now live by seven.

Passion. Adventure. Empathy. Support. Believe. Create. Harmony.


Simon Williams is a Sydney based film-maker, writer and musician that creates under the moniker of The Stampede Trail. We are very happy to have him on board as a regular contributor to The Happiness Compass. His short -film Breathless was visually stunning and recently received International recognition. You can check out his work at