Everything we do is done in order to achieve social, cultural, community and/or environmental outcomes that are in line with our mission and vision. 

  • Causes - Making an impact today and improving the lives of others in meaningful ways with The Kids of Bogota (The Kids of Mumbai and The Kids of The Kimberley), The Anthony Pollaers Rowan Scholarship and powerful environmental initiatives. 
  • Programs - The Happiness Compass, a soon to be released digital happiness and wellness program to empower individuals to be healthier and happier by enjoying engaging practices on emotional intelligence, positive psychology, mindfulness and resilience. 
  • Events - Events that unite community in healthy and supportive ways  including walking meditations, 'Be' talks and workshops. 
  • Retreats - Create a vibrant community for health and happiness. 
  • Products - Provocative and insightful publications like The Happiness Blueprint and free guided meditations.  
  • Journalism - Fresh and inspiring content from a team of free-thinkers. 
  • Business Initiatives - A new initiative (to launch soon) to encourage businesses to do more and be more. 
  • Research - The Happiness Initiative; what are we doing, or not doing, to shape our health and happiness. 

Our mission is to give everyone the tools to be happier and more fulfilled by creating programs and initiatives that teach people skills around emotional intelligence, positive psychology, mindfulness, resilience and physical well-being.

Our vision centres around the approach that we should do more and be more. We should ask and embody the questions: How do we make an impact today? How do we challenge established ways of doing business? How are we improving the lives of others in meaningful ways? How do we create a positive and lasting legacy?

The Happiness Compass wants to help people answer these questions and more on a daily basis.  Positive change will only come from those who collaboratively, passionately and boldly pursue their dreams for a better tomorrow. We’re committed to making a difference.

We work with corporate, sporting organisations, schools, community groups and individuals to promote health, fulfilment, freedom, attitude, awareness and happiness.