The Seven-Day Challenge

7 days of 7 minute Meditations

Most people rarely take the time out to stop and rest. And if they do, it is usually in front of the television, behind a cup of coffee, or sprawled out exhausted on the lounge after a busy day. These are all pleasant, but maybe there is something more helpful?

Why would anyone want to ‘MEDITATE’ anyway?

The word ‘meditation isn’t very encouraging. Images of people sitting like statues, monks on mountains or the cliché of somehow not thinking, buzzing-out or navel-gazing. These ideas are discouraging and prevent us from engaging in something that could potentially enrich our lives.

Rather than seeing meditation as a chore, something difficult and tiresome that takes another 20 minutes out of our already busy lives, we could see it as a gift, a present from the countless individuals who have tried and tested it, scientists, doctors, patients, monks, and even children are all reaping the benefits of a system that has many proven benefits.

This seven (7) day challenge is the product of friends and family wishing to engage in meditation, to learn about it, to practice it, but who have busy lives, families, and chores, and cannot find the time to join a group or enlist a teacher.

So here it is, the challenge!

For seven consecutive days, find a time and place that you can sit without distraction, for just seven minutes. Maybe early in the morning, before work or before the children wake up, or during the day when you have a break for lunch. Start with day one and commit to working your way through to day seven. Easy right!

You will have the chance to explore numerous styles and ways of meditation, some you will like and others will challenge you, stick with it, they are all different, and will serve you in different ways, providing you with the tools and a foundation.

After all, who can’t find ‘seven minutes for seven days’ to go on a little adventure, possibly one that will enrich your life in ways you could never have expected. 


Day One: SIT UP & RELAX. We begin our seven-day journey focusing our attention on posture and comfort.

Day Two: PRESENCE. Savour the rhythm of your sweet breath and allow experience to flow as you return again and again to the present moment.

Day Three: SMILING. Gently training our mind to rest in the body affectionately can become a source of great healing and joy.

Day Four: GRATITUDE. Softening into the moment and saying 'thank you' is the surest path to happiness.

Day Five: BE KIND. Those who cultivate kindness experience increased positive emotions, life satisfaction and they smile often. The more you practice the more joy, hope and enthusiasm you experience.

Day Six: HIDDEN JOY. A stable, focused mind has a great potential, it is also a fertile field for the cultivation of positive emotions like joy and bliss.

Day Seven: YOUR HOME. If we wish to live our lives fully, we must come to our senses with trust and admiration for the miracle that is ever unfolding.