Empowering people to integrate more happiness into their daily lives by creating a simple, engaging and all-encompassing program that teaches skills in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, positive psychology and resilience. All of these help create positive emotional and mental states that inspire people to greater well-being and happiness.


The four main pillars of The Happiness Initiative, Exploration, Know Yourself, Meaning and Presence contain thought-provoking content combined with relevant psychology, philosophy and self-development practices, reflections and recommendations that guides participants to explore areas of growth, change and self-improvement. There are also a range of other tools to engage and inspire participants own personal exploration, self-discovery, connection, self-knowledge, meaning, fulfilment, presence and clarity.

·         Mindset Tips: Short mindset tips reinforce positivity, inject motivation and plant seeds for deeper thought. These tips are a powerful tool that can prevent us from getting lost and overwhelmed in this complex world.

·         Good Deeds: Doing good deeds are powerful in so many ways; they make us feel better by releasing endorphins - the feel-good chemicals of the brain. They reduce stress, improve mental health, motivate us, lead to more happiness and even increase our life expectancy.

·         The Investigation: Throughout the book you will be asked to answer questions called The Investigation. The more we look within to investigate ourselves on a deeper level the more we find out about the things we really want in life. We reveal hidden truths and then we become more accountable for turning these truths into reality.

·         Mindfulness Colouring: Active meditation like colouring focuses our attention and concentrating this way replaces negative thoughts and creates a state of peace, calm, relaxation and gives us the time and space to de-stress and re-energise. This gentle activity focuses the brain on the present, blocking out any intrusive thoughts, whilst letting our curiosity and creativity run free.


·         7 Ways To Create New Habits

·         7 Reasons To Do Good

·         7 Tips For Action

·         7 Tips for Happier Sleep

·         7 Reasons to Practice Gratitude

·         7 Tips for Happier Nutrition

·         Inspiring Quotes & Affirmations


Be The Best Version of Yourself and Flourish; When we have a vision of the person we want to become we can begin on the path to making our dreams become our reality. Each day becomes imbued with meaning and enthusiasm as we work step by step on concrete tasks that allow us to feel that each moment is helping us grow, reach our potential and flourish.

Happiness is a skill so why don't we train for it?

The Happiness Initiative Workbook, and The Happiness Initiative Workshop, were born out of the idea to instigate a more proactive approach to health and happiness in a way that is engaging, simple and enjoyable. Happiness can be learned. No one is responsible for your own happiness but you. If you want to be happy, first you have to choose to be happy. The secret to happiness isn’t magic; it’s practice.

The Happiness Initiative Workbook and Workshop is a multi-channel platform created to teach people the skills to actively pursue happiness on a daily basis. Just like an exercise program, happiness requires knowledge and tools in order to maintain it. It is the perfect tool for businessessporting organisationsschools and individuals.  

“The Happiness Compass seems to be a great approach to increase people’s subjective well-being. Everybody who gets a chance should definitely try it." - Kai Ludwigs, Director Happiness Research Organisation

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