Most people rarely take the time out to stop and rest. And if they do, it is usually in front of the television, behind a cup of coffee, or sprawled out exhausted on the lounge after a busy day. These are all pleasant, but maybe there is something more helpful?

Day One: SIT UP & RELAX. We begin our seven-day journey focusing our attention on posture and comfort.

Day Two: PRESENCE. Savour the rhythm of your sweet breath and allow experience to flow as you return again and again to the present moment.

Day Three: SMILING. Gently training our mind to rest in the body affectionately can become a source of great healing and joy.

Day Four: GRATITUDE. Softening into the moment and saying 'thank you' is the surest path to happiness.

Day Five: BE KIND. Those who cultivate kindness experience increased positive emotions, life satisfaction and they smile often. The more you practice the more joy, hope and enthusiasm you experience.

Day Six: HIDDEN JOY. A stable, focused mind has a great potential, it is also a fertile field for the cultivation of positive emotions like joy and bliss.

Day Seven: YOUR HOME. If we wish to live our lives fully, we must come to our senses with trust and admiration for the miracle that is ever unfolding.